Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Winners of 9 Dragons

Between my job and a nasty migraine that was brought on by the change in the weather, I am late posting the winners of the 9 Dragons giveaway, but that is soon to be remedied ~ in fact, right now!  Without further ado, the winners' names as drawn using are:

Carol M.
Beth (BBRB)
Congratulations!  I know you're going to just love 9 Dragons!

I will be sending each of you emails.  Please respond in 48 hours of receipt so the books can be mailed out as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating!


DarcyO said...

Thanks so much! Hope your migraine is gone soon!

holdenj said...

Thanks so much! I enjoyed your review! Can't wait to read it.

Luvdaylilies said...

Thanks sooo much=)
I know what you mean about headaches brought on by weather changes, ouch!!! Feel better soon=)